AZ Athenaeum

About Us

AZ Investment Management was formed after the acquisition by Azimut Group of Athenaeum Limited in 2013 (a fund manager established in 1999). AZ Investment Management is licensed in Singapore and is the Azimut Group specialist in the management of discretionary funds and portfolios with a focus on Asian equities.

The company has 3 main lines of business: Fund Management, Wealth Management and Fund Distribution.

Fund Management: AZIM manages a balanced fund incorporated in Singapore, focused on Asia (ex. Japan), and advises Azimut Group on the AZ Fund Asia Absolute, the AZ Fund Macro Volatility, and the Asia segments of the AZ Fund GEM Equity and AZ Fund GEM Dividend.

Fund Distribution: AZIM is working to establish relationship with local wholesale distributors to allow them to leverage Azimut Group’s global asset management capabilities.

The company’s approach is focused on a tight integration between relationship management and portfolio management while maintaining an unbiased multi-custodian and multi-execution platform that ensures best execution and costs minimisation. It focuses on solutions designed to preserve its clients’ wealth, with particular emphasis placed on the management of risk.

AZIM holds a Capital Markets Services Licence for Fund Management (Accredited/Institutional Investors) under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) of Singapore, and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.