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The alternative funds that AZ Investment Management carries provide investment options outside the usual asset classes of equities, fixed income and cash, giving you a source of diversification for your portfolio.

Cat Bond

Cat Bond is a UCITS compliant fund which invests in a diversified portfolio of Cat bonds (across types of risks/perils, by geography and by trigger mechanisms) within the insurance-linked security asset class. This fund offers an attractive returns which is de-correlated to traditional financial risk

pdf-iconFactsheet September 2018

Global Sukuk

Global Sukuk Fund is a UCITS compliant fund, with an investment mandate uniquely focused on sukuk issued globally by Governments, supranationals and corporates. The fund follows a yield plus security approach coupled with active duration risk management of targeted duration of 2-4 years.

pdf-iconFactsheet September 2018 (Institutional)*
pdf-iconFactsheet September 2018

* Where applicable, Institutional share class availability is subject to Manager’s discretion.